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Munich High End 2024 is getting closer... and ALBEDO AUDIO is preparing to wait for you in our Room F223 in the ATRIUM 4.2 where our New "ACHEMA" Loudspeaker will play for the first time together with the new SOULNOTE A-3 amplifier!


There are also other news that we have prepared for you, so we look forward to your visit in our spacious room.

HIGH END 2023 welcome.jpeg


Albedo Audio is pleased to confirm that it will be present at the 41st edition of MUNICH HIGH END, the leading international Audio Show!

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the Audio System that we will prepare for this new and exciting event... We will be waiting for you in our room F223, at Atrium 4.2


Book your ticket in advance!




Now our Agadia model wears an exclusive pearly ruby red lacquered finish!
Our new AGADIA model has given us the opportunity to explore a new sound dimension. Now we also have the opportunity to explore a new world of colors!



Our Aptica Project evolves once again to offer an even cleaner, more powerful and natural sound...


"Aptica SG" now features the new "Cell" type ceramic tweeter already used in our reference models to offer the same sound performance in a more compact loudspeaker!

"Aptica SG" also has a new and specific POINT-TO-POINT crossover handmade with higher quality MUNDORF components, wich has improved the sensitivity and driving capacity of the amplifier.



Our new AGADIA model will also be present for the first time at the 31st edition of MILANO HI-FIDELITY and you will have the opportunity to enjoy once again the same audio setup from the last HIGH END MUNICH.


You will find us in the ISOZAKI room, on the ground floor, this 7 and 8 October, at the Congress Center of Hotel Melià, in Milan.


Reserve your ticket free now!




AGADIA's voice also reaches the "Süddeutsche Hi-Fi Tage" this September 16 and 17, in an exquisite audio show where you can live very special sound experiences!


Fulda HiFi is pleased to present the new entry of the ALBEDO family and awaits you with a LINN sound system in the "Frankfurt 1 room" of the Radisson Blu Hotel, in the city of Karlsruhe.



We too are taking part in the most important audio show on the italian Adriatic coast, SINTONIE AUDIO VIDEO EXPO, wich will take place at the Palacongressi in Rimini, from 15 to 17 september.


We are waiting for you to update you on all the news and upcoming events in which we will be present.



The most renowned international audio show returns with over 550 exhibitors and at least 20,000 visitors in an area of 30,000 sqm and we too will exhibit with our new AGADIA loudspeaker in a special setup with the SOUL NOTE audio system, FABER'S CABLES and MUSIC TOOLS HiFi racks.

We are waiting for you from 18 to 23 May, in our large 65 sqm room F223 at ATRIUM 4.2!



Our Agadia model explores a new path in search of the purest possible sound. For the first time we have conceived a loudspeaker equipped with a handmade Point-to-Point crossover as standard, in which all Mundorf components are directly connected to each other thanks to a unique design that eliminates any additional and unnecessary wiring.

Agadia pair_edited_edited.jpg


Our IMPERIALE COLLECTION is enriched with a new model. AGADIA is a 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker recently presented in Munich, it contains many new features, such as the 100% Mundorf point-to-point crossover and the new silver interernal wiring by Van Den Hul.


This new loudspeaker also uses the classic Albedo transmission line system.



We are very excited because we have confirmed our participation in the audioshow with the greatest international significance. It will be an unforgettable event that symbolizes the return to normality. Do not miss it because we will present news in our line of speakers!

bari 29 large.jpg


After the tremendous success in Rimini and the surprising reception of all the enthusiasts present, we are pleased to announce that our Aptica MKII Second Edition model will be exhibited again in the same way at the most important and exclusive AudioShow in all of South Italy. It will be an unforgettable event, see you there!



We are happy to inform you that we too will be present in the return of the most awaited audioshow on the Adriatic coast... it will also be an opportunity to re-present one of our most appreciated products, this is our Aptica MKII model which from 2022 will be re-proposed in its revised version "Second Edition" with a new optimized crossover and new silver wiring by Van Den Hul.

roma high fidelity_social.gif


SAVE THE DATE! We will also be there and We will have the opportunity to present our new speakers as "ACCLARA DIAMOND" and "AXCENTIA DIAMOND" in a great room where you can listen and admire their full potential.

Follow our social networks, We will continue to tell you more...



New Axcentia Diamond

A muse is reborn... New tweeter, new midrange and new crossover.

The Axcentia Diamond represents a new level of reference. With this new evolution we wanted to further increase the limit of the potential of this loudspeaker and also set a new level of sound improvement.

More information in our social networks...

Schermata 2021-04-28 alle 08.58.52.png


High End 2021 postponed

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting limitations on a global scale, the HIGH END 2021 trade show has been postponed from September 2021 to May 2022. The show will take place 19th-22th May, 2022. We cannot wait to meet you all next year and show you our latest news.



Interview with Thorsten Fennel

Thorsten Fennel from The Orange Audio is our distributor for Germany and Austria. In this interview on he explains his point of view on Albedo, hifi market and his own way of listening to music.



New Albedo site online

As you can see, the new Albedo site is finally online. New pictures, more info, updated data. Enjoy it. Obviously, any critic or suggestion will be appreciated and used to do site better.




After two months of forced stop due to the spread of the virus, our offices and production are active again starting from May 4th. We apologize to our customers for the delay in deliveries that this situation may cause. The important thing is to start over again and we are doing it with your strong support. Thanks.



High End 2020 cancelled

The HIGH END 2020 trade show, planned for May 14 to 17, has been cancelled due to the current worsening trend with respect to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We hope to meet you all again next year in our listening room of Munich show.

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