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SAVE THE DATE! We will also be there and We will have the opportunity to present our new speakers as "ACCLARA DIAMOND" and "AXCENTIA DIAMOND" in a great room where you can listen and admire their full potential.

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New Axcentia Diamond

A muse is reborn... New tweeter, new midrange and new crossover.

The Axcentia Diamond represents a new level of reference. With this new evolution we wanted to further increase the limit of the potential of this loudspeaker and also set a new level of sound improvement.

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High End 2021 postponed

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting limitations on a global scale, the HIGH END 2021 trade show has been postponed from September 2021 to May 2022. The show will take place 19th-22th May, 2022. We cannot wait to meet you all next year and show you our latest news.



Interview with Thorsten Fennel

Thorsten Fennel from The Orange Audio is our distributor for Germany and Austria. In this interview on he explains his point of view on Albedo, hifi market and his own way of listening to music.



New Albedo site online

As you can see, the new Albedo site is finally online. New pictures, more info, updated data. Enjoy it. Obviously, any critic or suggestion will be appreciated and used to do site better.




After two months of forced stop due to the spread of the virus, our offices and production are active again starting from May 4th. We apologize to our customers for the delay in deliveries that this situation may cause. The important thing is to start over again and we are doing it with your strong support. Thanks.



High End 2020 cancelled

The HIGH END 2020 trade show, planned for May 14 to 17, has been cancelled due to the current worsening trend with respect to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We hope to meet you all again next year in our listening room of Munich show.

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