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Aptica MKII

Aptica MKII is the result of years of research in the field of transmission line systems. With a powerful 6.25" midbass driver and the innovative tweeter diffraction trap DSD system, Aptica MKII affirms its elegant and unique design. The external appearance, which is dictated by the basic principles of acoustics and enriched by a precious finishing, hides a highly innovative project, capable of making the daily listening experience unique and enjoyable. This is not one of the usual odd shaped speakers that invade the space of your home and are tolerated only because of the function they perform, but rather a contributor to make your home space more warm, cosy and suited to your lifestyle.

System > floor standing two way, linear phase

Loading > transmission line filtered by resonator (Helmholine System)
Drivers > 6.25” ceramic mid-woofer, 1’’ ceramic tweeter with DSD acoustic trap
Crossover > acoustic first order
Sensitivity > 85 dB (2.83V 1m)
Nominal impedance > 8 ohm
Frequency response > 45 - 32.000 Hz
Dimensions > 26 x 19 x 101 cm
Weight > 19 kg net each
Finish >

Black oak.jpg

Black Oak   






Black Lacquer 


19.5 cm

102 cm

26.5 cm

25.5 cm

51 cm

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