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Introducing our Agadia speaker, handcrafted in Italy. Presented at the Munich High End, it represents our floorstanding speaker capable of fitting into any home environment. This is a slender floorstanding tower, a 2.5-way loaded in transmission line with Accuton speakers with ceramic diaphragm characterized by their lightness and rigidity of the mobile mass, always showing very low levels of harmonic distortion.
Agadia is a 2.5-way floorstanding speaker, loaded in transmission line system, with Accuton ceramic drivers and Mundorf components-only crossover, assembled in a handcrafted stiffened 60kg cabinet with a Walnut finish


Our new Agadia model represents the synthesis of a long period of passion for the search for always better sound. Since its ideation, we wanted to create something different, that characterizes it from all the others, so that it can be unique in its genre.


That is why we decided to transcend traditional concepts and not put limits on our creativity.

Agadia is a small 2.5-way floorstanding tower inspired by the design of its bigger sister Acclara and which contains an atypical formula for bass reproduction that continues to maintain the traditional Albedo transmission line system.


High-quality ceramic drivers remain a fundamental requirement for sound rich in detail, dynamics and transparency.


We have reinterpreted the 2.5-way system according to our philosophy so that it can satisfy the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts who are still looking for a reasonable loudspeaker.


Using a larger transducer for the half way, we have increased the radiating surface to increase the sound pressure as in a 2.5 way loudspeaker but keeping the higher energy and dynamics typical of 3 way systems. In this way it has been possible for us to use higher impedance transducers with the advantage of offering a loudspeaker with a nominal impedance higher than the classic 8 ohms and thus solving the weak point of all half-way loudspeakers.


That's why Agadia is an easy load for any type of amp, it doesn't thirst for power, easy to control, it will be able to express its best qualities even with entry-level amps. The distortion level will always be low and the balance of the music will always be the same.

The Agadia loudspeaker features ceramic Accuton transducers with a low level of harmonic distortion, assembled in a stiffened and softly beveled front baffle to minimize diffractions.
Agadia loudspeaker features a complete set of supports firmly fixed to the heavy steel plate which increases the stability of the speaker thanks to the increase in the weight of the cabinet and the lowering of its center of gravity. Albedo also provides a complete set of spikes, spikeholders and floorsavers handcrafted in stainless steel.

Agadia is the smallest of the collection but it also reflects the outstanding characteristics of our Aclara model, with the same shapes, the same design and the same care for the mechanical stability of the cabinet and the reduction of vibrations with heavy damping steel plates.

A tested system of supports firmly fixed to the metal plate is responsible for increasing the weight and therefore the stability of the cabinet thanks to a lowering of its center of gravity. Albedo also provides a complete set of spikes, spikeholders and floorsavers finely handcrafted in stainless steel.


In the same way, the cabinet also uses 30mm sandwich wood boards, whose thickness reaches up to 40mm on the front and in the areas subjected to the most stress.

Agadia features a totally handmade point-to-point crossover.


In our view this means that each Mundorf component is connected to the other directly, without the need for additional wires, where the solder simply serves to mechanically stabilize each contact.


So we believe that in our design the audio signal passes through less metal and along the more direct path to the speakers and therefore minimize any type of loss or alteration of the original musical signal.


As is our tradition, we use good quality Mundorf components such as low resistance OFC copper voice coils, oil-impregnated PP capacitors and shielded anti-inductive resistors to always guarantee a crystal clear and lively sound with great dynamic qualities.

The Agadia crossover was created by Albedo with the exclusive use of only the highest quality Mundorf components connected to each other according to the POINT-TO-POINT technique, i.e. without the aid of unnecessary additional connections to maintain the original purity of the signal audio. In this way we can obtain a crystal clear and lively sound with the maximum transparency and dynamics possible. We have used oil-soaked EVO capacitors, anti-inductive Supreme Resistors and low-resistance voice coils to minimize any type of music signal loss.

In our Agadia project we immediately thought that the only way to make the most of the potential of the very high quality components of our crossover circuits would be to dedicate a housing compartment totally separate from the acoustic load cabinet, so as to obtain a mechanical and microphone separation of the circuit.


In this way we have studied the way to finally show the general public an easy and direct access to what for us represents the nerve center of our Agadia project, the fruit of an immense journey of work, study and many listenings.

Our new AGADIA model has given us the opportunity to explore a new sound dimension in which the search for an increasingly refined sound no longer knows limitations while maintaining a design with the traditional and distinctive characteristics of Albedo.


Now we also have the opportunity to explore a new world of colors that can better accompany your endless listening sessions!

Agadia Pearl Ruby Red


System > 2.5-way floorstanding tower

Loading > traditional transmission line Albedo filtered by resonators (Helmholine System)

Drivers >
1x 8” sandwich ceramic woofer
1x 7" ceramic midrange
1x 1’’ ceramic tweeter

Crossover > point to point soldering, acoustic second order

Sensitivity > 86 dB (2.83V 1m)

Nominal impedance > 11 ohm

Frequency response > 39 - 22.000 Hz

Dimensions > 25 x 46 x 108 cm

Weight > 62 kg net each

Finish >


25 cm

106 cm

45 cm

36.3 cm

54.2 cm

Black Oak

Black Oak



Glossy Lacquered Black





Pearl Ruby Red

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