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Atesia is our flagship speaker, handcrafted in Italy. It represents our most ambitious project, with a sound as big as its size. it is able to bring home the same sensations as live music, the realism of liveliness and dynamics is unparalleled, and thanks to its refined diamond tweeter it always reproduces a sublime detailed and crystalline sound with a very low level of distortion never heard before . This 3-way speaker actually incorporates a second midrange tasked only with increasing the size and airiness of the musical information to match correctly with the muscles of the 4 Accuton woofers with literally indestructible sandwich membranes. Naturally, the components of the crossover are all exclusively Mundorf branded and we only used high-end resistors, capacitors and coils.
Atesia is our flagship speaker, handcrafted in Italy. It has a fully damped cabinet weighing over 200kg which is responsible for transmitting every single piece of musical signal information to the listener. The transducers used are among the best the market can offer, sandwich ceramic drivers and diamond membranes of exclusive quality, characterized by harmonic distortion levels very close to zero. Furthermore, Mundorf components such as the SUPREME SILVER GOLD OIL capacitors, the ZeroOhm coils and the Supreme resistors are responsible for transferring every single detail of the original musical signal to the speakers, reducing any type of loss or alteration to a minimum.

Atesia SGS

Atesia represents the most important result of our design effort. It is a floorstanding loudspeaker equipped with all the most successful technical characteristics that continue to distinguish the products of Albedo brand as transmission line bass loading, ceramic membrane drivers, time-consistent crossover and, not least, the original design of the cabinet that stands in the best tradition of “made in Italy”. 190 cm tall and 215 kg heavy, this model stands at the top end of the high end loudspeaker market for domestic use and boasts the most sophisticated technical solutions. Four 190 mm aluminum/ceramic sandwich woofers drive two twin transmission lines equipped with decoupling chambers and filtering acoustic resonators, for an extremely sharp and articulated low range. Medium range is entrusted to two units with a pure ceramic membrane with anular magnet, while the high range is reproduced by a tweeter with a diamond inverted dome. Cabinet has a stiffening system consisting of metal side plates secured by steel bars. The whole rests on a solid aluminum base obtained from milled pieces.

The 25mm Tweeter with a hard Diamond inverted dome ensures greater off-axis dispersion along with an unmatchable details levels and very ultra low distortion.

The hardest material in the world at the complete service of high-end audio, only to achieve sonic perfection. It seems like a dream but our ATESIA SGS is likely to make it come true.


The precision and depth of the soundstage reach an incredible level of realism, where the dynamics and clarity of every sound detail of the original input signal are reproduced with incredible naturalness and smoothness. 

The tweeter features a diamond membrane, the hardest material on Earth.
The crossover of the new ATESIA sgs was created by Albedo with the exclusive use of only the highest quality Mundorf components. We have opted for the best that the market can offer at the moment, with the sole objective of obtaining an absolutely realistic, crystalline and lively sound with the maximum transparency and dynamics possible. We have used Evo oil impregnated capacitors, anti-inductive Supreme Resistors and low resistance voice coils to minimize any type of music signal loss.

"Silver, Gold and Supreme"


"Atesia SGS" now flaunts a new reference audio level.


The crossover now takes advantage of the indisputable quality of the best Mundorf components, such as "Silver Gold Supreme" capacitors, "Supreme resistors" and "ZeroOhm" inductors.

Our aim was to maximize the quality of those components with a crucial role in passing the audio signal and that could otherwise limit the performance of our drivers.


And it is for the same reason that we then decided that it was also necessary to select a new interior wiring of superior quality.


That's why our "Atesia SGS" can now also benefit from the reliability of Van den Hul's silver-plated cables

215 kg by 190 cm tall of pure music


The mammoth size of our Atesia SGS is not a pure aesthetic whim, but also responds to specific mechanical inertia requirements for the cabinet. Our aim is to achieve maximum precision and efficiency, and therefore maximum sound realism.


The cabinet, in addition to using thick multilayer wood panels, also employs heavy steel plates to increase its stability and two other side plates that compress the cabinet to further increase its structural rigidity.


In this way we try to expolit all the acoustic energy that our transducers can reproduce without this energy being dispersed in vibrations or heat.


"Virtually indestructible sandwich Woofers"

Atesia "SGS" aims to reach all extremes of the sound range and to reach the deepest bass, it uses Woofers made with an exclusive almost indestructible aluminum sandiwch honeycomb membrane, capable of reproducing even seismic movements.

These exceptionally strong membranes feature the best combination of torsional and flexural stiffness which allows for a very low level of delay and energy storage. They are capable of reaching high levels of linear excursion (+/- 16mm) while maintaining a very low level of distortion.


System > 3.5-way floorstanding tower

Loading > mirrored twin transmission line filtered by resonators (Helmholine System)

Drivers >
4x 8” Aluminum Sandiwch Woofers
2x 5" Ceramic Midrange
1x 1’’ Diamond Tweeter

Crossover > acoustic second order, handmade only with Mundorf components

Sensitivity > 87 dB (2.83V 1m)

Nominal impedance > 4 ohm

Frequency response > 27 - 33.000 Hz

Dimensions > 60 x 32 x 180 cm

Weight > 215 kg net each

Finish >






32 cm

184.5 cm

61 cm

59.5 cm

70.5 cm

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