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Alecta SGS

Leather, wood, aluminum, ceramic. The four elements for a perfect high end audio world. Alecta has a tower shaped cabinet that features high mass and optimal resonance absorption. Two solid and heavy metal plates, connected each other by steel threaded bars, stop any unwanted vibration.


Alecta driver units  are from the Accuton Cell Line. These drivers have ceramic membranes and special ring shape magnet systems that ensure minimal internal sound reflection.

Bass loading follows the classical Albedo tradition of transmission line design. In this case, two twin but separated Helmholine labyrinths are arranged in order to have a perfect symmetry of bass path for the two woofers.


Helmholine is an Albedo patented variation of transmission line design that uses internal Helmholtz resonators for acoustic filtering of system bass output.


Alecta cabinet is mounted onto a massive aluminum plate, connected to solid bars. Each bar is milled out from a solid aluminum billet and hand finished. Four large stainless steel spikes ensure precise leveling and rock solid stability for the best reproduction of micro transients.



The new 25mm Tweeter with a hard Diamond inverted dome ensures greater off-axis dispersion along with an unmatchable details levels and very very ultra low distortion.

The hardest material in the world at the complete service of high-end audio, only to achieve sonic perfection. It seems like a dream but our ALECTA DIAMOND SGS is likely to make it come true.


The precision and depth of the soundstage reach an incredible level of realism, where the dynamics and clarity of every sound detail of the original input signal are reproduced with incredible naturalness and smoothness.

diamante accuton.jpg
The crossover of the new ATESIA sgs was created by Albedo with the exclusive use of only the highest quality Mundorf components. We have opted for the best that the market can offer at the moment, with the sole objective of obtaining an absolutely realistic, crystalline and lively sound with the maximum transparency and dynamics possible. We have used Evo oil impregnated capacitors, anti-inductive Supreme Resistors and low resistance voice coils to minimize any type of music signal loss.

"Silver, Gold and Supreme"


"ALECTA DIAMOND SGS" now flaunts a new reference audio level.


The crossover circuit has been redesigned to take maximum advantage of all the potential of the new diamond tweeter and the unquestionable quality of the best Mundorf components, such as "Supreme SilverGold Oil-impregnated polypropylene capacitors, "anti-inductive Supreme Resistors with high dissipation power" and "Zero-Ohm low resistance pure OFC copper coils.

Our aim was to maximize the quality of those components with a crucial role in passing the audio signal and that could otherwise limit the performance of our drivers, to always guarantee a crystal clear and lively sound with great dynamic qualities.


System > 3-way floorstanding tower

Loading > mirrored twin transmission line filtered by resonators (Helmholine System)

Drivers >
2x 8” Aluminum Sandwich Woofers
1x 5" Ceramic Midrange
1x 1’’ Diamond Tweeter

Crossover > acoustic second order

Sensitivity > 86 dB (2.83V 1m)

Nominal impedance > 8 ohm

Frequency response > 33 - 25.000 Hz

Dimensions > 45 x 28 x 1270 cm

Weight > 120 kg net each


28 cm

172 cm

49 cm

48 cm

67 cm

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