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Aptica is the result of years of research in the field of transmission line systems. With the new powerful 6.25" reinforced ceramic mid-bass driver and the innovative tweeter diffraction trap DSD system, Aptica affirms its elegant and unique design.


The external appearance, which is dictated by the basic principles of acoustics and enriched by a precious finishing, hides a highly innovative project, capable of making the daily listening experience unique and enjoyable. This is not one of the usual odd shaped speakers that invade the space of your home and are tolerated only because of the function they perform, but rather a contributor to make your home space more warm, cosy and suited to your lifestyle.

The past "Second Edition" revision allowed us to push the limits of this speaker thanks to a specific optimization of the crossover to increase its electrical efficiency.


However, with "Aptica SG" we have explored a new sonic dimension...

"More power, more sensitivity, more dynamics, more extension, more details ... all in less size."

The MKII version was developed to further increase the original limits of the Aptica thanks to the addition of a cabinet damping mechanism and a new even more powerful midwoofer, with a new oversized magnet and a new oversized titanium voice coil capable of much more electrical power allowing us to quadruple the sound pressure and improve the range of excursion.


The combination of these elements created a speaker with improved transient response while maintaining a low level of distortion.

accuton c158-6-851_edited.jpg

The "Second Edition" of our Aptica MKII model featured a revised crossover and a new silver internal wiring by "Van Den Hul". This revision allowed us to get the most out of the Mundorf components from our crossovers.


The electrical optimization helped us to improve the balance of the sound, maximize the acoustic pressure and increase the control capacity  of any type of amplification thanks to a higher load impedance.


"The result is a more balanced sound with greater transparency and more defined focus and improved dynamics, all with a higher level of control."

Aptica SG


"A new acoustic dimension in which the soundstage appears even more convincing and plausibly more natural."

The latest world events have radically modified productive conditions, for this reason we have been forced to move forward quickly.

With the new CELL type ceramic tweeter, the same one we already use in our reference models, we have evolved our APTICA project so that it can sublimate a new acoustic dimension with a cleaner, dynamic and natural sound.

Well now our family of Albedo loudspeakers finally benefits from a uniform sound identity that now distinguishes it much more than before!

Our APTICA project can now express a greater amount of musical detail than the "CELL" concept is capable of offering.


The new tweeter benefits from the new ultra-hard ceramic inverted dome membrane whose breakup is better damped and is now above the audible range. This guarantees a more crystal-clear sound and unprecedented improved linearity.


Thanks to the new enhanced neodymium magnet and the ventilated former of the titanium voice coil, it is possible to achieve a new level of dynamics and surprising realism. In addition, heat transfer and the level of excursion have been increased, maintaining a low level of compression and a lower level of harmonic distortion than before.


"The final result is surprising!"


Naturally, it was necessary to study a new crossover that could take full advantage of all the benefits available. For this reason we decided not to limit ourselves and implement a handmade POINT-TO-POINT crossover with higher quality MUNDORF capacitors and MUNDORF coils with greater electrical transfer capacity.


In this way, the electrical optimization that was achieved with the "Second Edition" has once again evolved towards a new dimension never seen before..


"Aptica has never been so transparent in being able to express in this way all the qualities that your amplifier is capable of."


System > 2-way floorstanding tower in linear phase

Loading > transmission line filtered by resonator (Helmholine System)

Drivers >
1x 6.25” ceramic mid-woofer
1x 1’’ CELL ceramic tweeter with DSD acoustic trap

Crossover > acoustic first order

Sensitivity > 85 dB (2.83V 1m)

Nominal impedance > 8 ohm

Frequency response > 45 - 32.000 Hz

Dimensions > 26 x 19 x 101 cm

Weight > 24 kg net each

Finish >


19.5 cm

102 cm

26.5 cm

25.5 cm

51 cm

Black Oak

Black Oak

Glossy Black Lacquered

Black Lacquer 

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