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Axcentia MKII

In the Axcentia MKII, the Helmholine system shows all its power in managing high volume levels and in keeping the detailed bass texture which transmission lines are properly renowned for. In order to limit the height of the cabinet, the woofers wave guide is folded and uses the plinth of the base as additional volume for the acoustic resonator filter. The elliptically shaped cabinet is made in a special high density and well damped sandwich that allows the system to be really neutral to vibrations. Heavy metal plates and six internal steel bars are designed in order to increase stiffness of cabinet. All ceramic drivers by German Accuton are linked to a sophisticate crossover section that ensure the best linearity in amplitude and phase, for a real "time coherent" reproduction. The metal chambered base and the pseudo random machined front panel are further, important details.

System > floor standing 3 ways in linear phase

Loading > transmission line filtered by resonator (Helmholine System)
Drivers > 2 x 7” ceramic woofers, 5" ceramic midrange, 1.2’’ ceramic tweeter
Crossover > acoustic first order
Sensitivity > 87 dB (2.83V 1m)
Nominal impedance > 8 ohm
Frequency response > 35 - 32.000 Hz
Dimensions > 62 x 25 x 125 cm
Weight > 85 kg net each
Finish >

Black oak.jpg

Black Oak   



Black Lacquer 


25 cm

125.5 cm

60.5 cm

38 cm

73.5 cm

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