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Atesia represents the most important result of our design effort. It is a floor standing tower system equipped with all the technical features that distinguish the products of Albedo brand as transmission line bass loading, ceramic membrane units, time-consistent crossover and, not least, the original design of the cabinet that stands in the best tradition of “made in Italy”. 190 cm tall and 160 kg heavy, this model stands at the top end of the high end loudspeaker market for domestic use and boasts the most sophisticated technical solutions. Four 190 mm aluminum/ceramic sandwich woofers drive two twin transmission lines equipped with decoupling chambers and filtering acoustic resonators, for an extremely sharp and articulated low range. Medium range is entrusted to two units with a pure ceramic membrane with anular magnet, while the high range is reproduced by a tweeter with a diamond inverted dome. Cabinet has a stiffening system consisting of metal side plates secured by steel bars. The whole rests on a solid aluminum base obtained from milled pieces.

System > floor standing three way and half tower

Loading > mirrored twin transmission line filtered by resonators (Helmholine System)
Drivers > 4 x 8” ceramic woofers, 2 x 5" ceramic midrange, 1’’ diamond tweeter
Crossover > acoustic second order
Sensitivity > 87 dB (2.83V 1m)
Nominal impedance > 4 ohm
Frequency response > 27 - 33.000 Hz
Dimensions > 60 x 32 x 180 cm
Weight > 170 kg net each
Finish >

Pelle nera.jpg



Black Lacquer 


32 cm

184.5 cm

61 cm

59.5 cm

70.5 cm

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